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14 June 2019, ISSUE #03

Auth Web Microservice with Rust using Actix-Web 1.0 - Complete Tutorial

We are going to create a web-server in Rust that only deals with user registration and authentication. I will be explaining the steps in each file as we go.

Hosting Embedded Rust apps on Apache Mynewt with STM32 Blue Pill

Mynewt is a modern realtime operating system that runs on many microcontroller platforms, even on devices with little RAM and ROM like Blue Pill.

Writing an OS in Rust (Second Edition)

This post gives an overview of the recent updates to the Writing an OS in Rust blog and to the used tools.

Toward Piston 1.0

The Piston core is a set of libraries that defines a core abstraction for user inputs, window and event loop.

Generating Documentation in Rust

This blog helps us to have the project overview in a HTML format. So,I will guide you to create RustDoc for your own project.

Poking the macOS IO Kit with Rust

Among the many things under the macOS hood, there exists the I/O Kit framework, which provides access to hardware devices and drivers from the user-space.

Monthly Meetup - June

In this talk, Ravi will showcase a (WIP) project for generating API client code using an OpenAPI spec in Rust.

LDN Talks June 2019

Agenda for this talk will be Networking and Rust news & announcements.


It's the fourth annual RustConf! RustConf gathers Rust developers from around the world to learn and share with one another.

Rust and Tell

"Rust and Tell" is a monthly event to share ideas, and learn about new things about Rust.

Firmware Engineering Lead (Rust)
Senior Rust Developer- Remote
C/Rust Embedded Systems Software Engineer, Full-time
Senior Developer (Rust)
The Governance WG is going public
Announcing j4rs
Actix-web 1.0 released
Announcing the contrie ‒ concurrent maps and sets
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