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13 November 2020, ISSUE #40

OS in Rust: Custom target to build kernel for a bare metal: Part-3

This article pertains to build 64-bit kernel for the x86 architecture on an executable that runs on bare metal(freestanding library).

Rust as a productive high-level language

Get a clear look at the reason which makes Rust as most productive high-level language.

Processing a Series of Items with Iterators in Rust

In this blog, you wil get to know about how we can process of a series of items using iterators in Rust programming language with the help of a sample examples.

Compilation Of Active Directory Logs Using Rust

Explore this article to understand the Active Directory service provided by Windows Server, its workflow and then we will compile the Active Directory logs by using Rust programming language.

Substrate based 2D barcode scanner Pallet in Rust

This article will give you the understanding to create a blockchain-based fake product identification system using substrate framework.

Create Rust based Microservice using Rocket and Diesel

In this article, we will discuss Rust based microservice using Rocket and interacting with Postgres SQL using Diesel with the help of sample application.

Why Rust is the Future of Game Development

Get a detailed look at the new place for Rust Game Development which can use unique features efficiently.

A Quick Tour of Trade-offs Embedding Data in Rust

Explore this article to get a quick tour of trade-offs Embedding Data in Rust.

Orchestration in Rust

In this blog, You will get to know about the concept of orchestration in Rust with the help of sample examples.

Rust Study/Hack/Hang-out night

This is also a great place to share your experience with Rust or ask questions and get unstuck on your pet project.

Last Tuesday

During the monthly Rust meetup we will discuss some mind-blowing things doing with the help of the Rust programming language.

Rust Backend Engineer
Software Engineer
Announcing gfold

The Rust crate gfold is a CLI application that helps you keep track of multiple Git repositories.

Announcing image-sorter

A terminal user interface for sorting images. It requires w3m to render the images.

Announcing pixelflut-rs

A library providing a Pixelflut server to easily connect your display or whatever to it.

Announcing zedmq

A Lightweight, Safe, pure-Rust ØMQ/ZMTP library implementation

Announcing ytnef

A Rust binding for libytnef. A C library for parsing the TNEF file format used by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server.

Create Blockchain based application using Substrate Node Template
Creating Substrate based light Clients
Prevent Breaking Code Changes In Future Releases Using `Non Exhaustive` Enums In Rust


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